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Better Communities.
Enhance the overall communities through properties we invest in. 

Better Living.
Improve residents quality of living through comfort and convenience as economical as possible. 

Better Real Estate.
Seek quality real estate that is worth owning.



Nine 11 capital. A real estate private equity firm.

Capital Preservation

Capital preservation through risk management is our priority. Our investors have worked hard to earn their capital and we work harder to preserve it. We reduce risk by strategic acquisitions, creating feasible business plans, properly aligning debt structure for each opportunity, and leverage our network of experienced real estate professionals to reduce execution risk across all parameters. ​

Cash Flow

We focus on powerful cash flowing assets to generate passive income. Our focus on cash flow reduces risk and creates stability, versus relying solely on natural appreciation to drive returns.

Conservative Underwriting

Utilizing market-backed data that supports our underlying assumptions, we aim to achieve superior risk adjusted returns without being overly optimistic. There is a delicate balance between knowing what levers to pull and knowing when to be pencils down. This balance comes from strategic due diligence and understanding what a given market can bear based on true market forces.

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